Watchmen Poster


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Adobe Illustrator
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July 2020




The egg was a running symbol throughout HBO's Watchmen series. I interpreted the once or twice used idiom, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs" as a reference to Lady Trieu's (Hong Chau's) master plan, which would mean world domination for the price of the mass slaughter of a white supremacy organization who adorn themselves in Rorshach masks.

In my own style I wanted to utilize the iconic shapes of rorschachs and the Watchmen style blood drop.




I was inspired visually with American civil rights era poster art because of the many paralleled themes between the TV series and this era of history. The symbols from the show that I chose to incorporate in my poster point to the splattering of white supremacy.

My first draft included the usage of red stripes, a common pattern associated with the American Flag. I decided against them in the final version because I could not accomplish appropriate visual hierarchy. I also played with the style of illustration to depict my rorschach egg and egg shells. I settled with the cartoony finish which I believe highlights the original media in which Watchmen originated.