A Quiet Place Part II
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In support of Paramount Picture's release of A Quiet Place Part II, I was asked to create poster art that could be used promotionally as limited edition collector prints. I began this project with the concept of soundwaves to illustrate the major premise of the "A Quiet Place" franchise - the fear of monsters who hunt by sound.

I began illustrating recognizable figures from the film surrounded by sound iconography. From here I had to figure out how to stylize the sound waves to emmulate menace and fear. Once I felt that was accomplished I knew the graphic might be great on apparel but I wanted to take it further for the poster.




I wanted to hone in on Emily Blunt's character - Evelyn. A resounding theme in the second film is her strength in protecting her three children as a single mother. This is also the major difference between the first and second film, as John Krasinski's character is no longer there as her partner.

I played with how to capture her situation through illustrating key plot points of the movie such as the radio tower, and the home they are forced to leave.